The best of clean beauty are the products with the highest quality ingredients. We are taking the best out of nature and manmade ingredients to get the best performance.

Hi, my name is Mira.

In year 1990 my parents founded a small family company based on years of experience in the production and development of cosmetics products, but primarily because of the love and desire to create the finest natural organic cosmetics.

Now as a team of 3, we have much needed experience but also me as a enthusiasts and ready to take Cosmel Cosmetics further. Our constant motivation is LOVE for this job, the CREATIVITY which it offers and the INSPIRATION for a healthy lifestyle.

We are very excited to expand and share our products to you guys!

For 29 years we create and believe only in high quality natural organic cosmetics. The products are created in our own small laboratory. Idea, whole process and formulations are made by one person, my mom Melita.

So each of our products is unique and guarantees complete safety and quality.

I would also like to say that in a world fill with cosmetics industry we are proud to offer the sincerity and natural quality of products made in small series. With individual approach and listening to your comments, as well as following the newest trends in cosmetology, we are constantly improving our products and our knowledge.

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Who stands behind Cosmel Cosmetics? Well, it’s all in the name! So, “cos” obviously stands for cosmetics, but “mel” stands for Melita, the creator of each and every product. Therefore this is Melita’s cosmetics and we are very proud it.


Expertise is the foundation of everything. The knowledge gained at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology in Zagreb is upgraded by continuous follow up of new technological, cosmetological and dermatological knowledge. The use of organic chemistry in cosmetology, work and specialisation in top cosmetics companies has inspired us to create and produce our own natural organic dermocosmetics. With lots of work and effort we have created something that we are extremely proud of and we believe that you will feel that difference on your skin and enjoy Cosmel Cosmetics.


Creating with love, that’s our thing! We choose only natural active ingredients: organic cold pressed oils, natural extracts, clear essential oils and high quality eco ingredients. Cosmel Cosmetics is consist of high biodegradable natural substances, ECO packaging, raw materials obtained from eminent producers with certificates of origin and toxicological purity. We give advantage to raw materials from Croatia, because of our beautiful mediterranean climate and preserved nature, but the most important is that each substance is certified and eco friendly. That said, we can ensure you that our products are natural and safe, and completely free from the low global industry standards and campaigns. Cosmel Cosmetics is handmade in small series and laboratory conditions.


Proud members of Cosmetics Europe


Creating the products takes dedication, knowledge and vision. We can proudly say that all of our products are the result of our own knowledge and technology whose procedures are protected by numerous patents. Many of our products have won a number of prestigious awards form innovation fairs around the world.

As small family production we create high quality cosmetics products recognised worldwide by profession.

Now, we want to share our cosmetics with all of you!