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ONLINE TRAINING that will define your body and change the condition of your skin

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Each workout is designed to cheer you up, increase your energy levels and bring your body into balance.

Create a healthy routine that you will enjoy

Trainings are based on Pilates technique with low to medium intensity + cardio training with high intensity without heavy load on the joints. The goal is to raise awareness, tone and shape the body in a healthy way. With this approach, we safely boost your health, and bring your body and mind into balance.

FEEL GOOD with Body by Cosmel.

No stress on the body, just enjoyment! Find a balance and sweat out any negative accumulated energy.

Be active, move, sweat!

Healthy habits start from healthy decisions. With expert guidance, become aware of your body, take care of it inside and out. The program is designed so that you can do a quality workout every day, as well as a treatment that will improve the appearance and condition of your skin.

Exercise greatly contributes to skin health. By stimulating circulation, you help your body to get rid of unwanted toxins from water, food and the environment that you inevitably bring into your body every day.

How Body by Cosmel was created

Cosmel has always encouraged healthy habits, because what we apply to the skin is important. But no one is immune to stress, which is a well-known cause of many ailments. As much as we theoretically know how to reduce stress levels, it is very difficult to actually work on it. That's why I decided to create a feel good program and combined my two passions – exercise and love for Cosmel cosmetics.

PROFESSIONALISM. Movement and exercise are a part of me, and fitness is my great passion. It all started when I enrolled and graduated from the Classical Ballet School. Although I did not continue my career, ballet defined me in a way. I enrolled in the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb and through my studies dedicated myself to fitness, mostly Pilates technique.